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Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives: PUBLICATIONS

This guide provides a list of archival collections related to hops and brewing history, as well as tips and resources for doing research.


The tables of contents for publications in the Brewing and Fermentation Research and Olympia Brewery Library collections. Some files for individual publications were too large for this site and were split into multiple files.


  • You can use a keyword search in the file to locate relevant articles. 
  • If there is an article you are interested in, email with the article title, publication name, month/year, page number.




  • Highlights in the Fred Eckhardt Collection include his own publications: Otto's Delicatessen Newsletter, Amateur Brewer Newsletter, Listen to Your Beer, Talk to Your Beer. All are available online. The Eckhardt Collection also contains Home Fermenters Digest, homebrewers association newsletters from US and Canada, as well as various publications in the event and subject files.
  • Newsletter highlights in the Brewing and Research Fermentation include items from the Heart of the Valley Homebrewers, Oregon Brew Crew, and Cascade Brewers Society.



There are periodicals and journals housed in various archival collections, the main source being the Brewing and Fermentation Research and Olympia Brewery Library collections. There are also publications in the main library collection, which are noted with VLIB in the list below. 

All About Beer issues from 1979-2014. 

Beer news, feature articles, expert panel tastings, travel, collectibles, homebrewing, history, beer cultures in other countries, food and beer, book reviews. Also includes ratings of more than 100 beers in every issue. 

American Brewer issues from 1957-2013. 

Topics that focus on the "business of beer" and matter to decision makers in the brewing industry. Newly emerging trends and incisive analysis; content written and compiled by experienced journalists. Informative, comprehensive, and sometimes controversial.

American Breweriana issues from 1990-1994. 

A bi-monthly journal that includes articles written by this magazines well-known enthusiasts, educators and historians. Discusses the history, collectables and past advertising of beer. Also includes information on this magazine’s upcoming events, news and activities.

American Society of Brewing Chemists: Proceedings issues from 1940-1974. 

An international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes scientific research and articles on the sciences behind brewing and distilling. Also includes analysis on the different techniques from business malting, brewing, and distilling.

Anti-saloon League year book: holdings run 1908-1931 (VLIB HV5286 .A6).

Produced by Ernest Hurst Cherrington and the Anti-saloon League of America to be "An encyclopedia of facts and figures dealing with the liquor traffic and the temperance reform."

BDI issues from 1972-1983. 

Brewer and Distiller International (BDI) is published by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD). BDI reports on a large range of topics from plant tours to a look at this industry’s competitive nature.

Beer Can Collectors News Report issues from 1981-1993. 

This magazine is published bi-monthly for all beer can enthusiast of the U.S. It offers a look multiple different forms of memorabilia from the beer industry throughout the ages.

Beer Cans and Brewery Collectibles issues from 1994-1998. 

A bi-monthly hobbyist magazine that offers a look at many beer centered collectables that are found throughout the years.

Beer Northwest/Beer West Magazine issues from 1993-1996, 2007-2010. 

Started as a Northwest beer culture and lifestyle magazine; in January 2011, the magazine expanded into California and became Beer West. Design concepts, innovative stories, and beer lifestyle content. Targeted to beer and food enthusiasts, and marketed as a "celebration of the unique Western beer-loving life."

Beverage World issues from 1975-1983.

Founded in 1882, this magazine, with monthly issues, was a great resources analysis, information, and articles on the beverage world. It ceased operation in 2016 after being acquired by Beverage Industry.

Brauwelt - English editions - issues from 1985-1996. 

An international magazine and network for the brewing and beverage industry.  The company offers publications in English, Russian, German, and Chinese.

Brewers' Almanac issues from 1955-1982. 

This magazine covers a wide range of statistical information for the brewing industry. This includes tax-rates, financial statistics, along with imports and exports.

Brewers' Digest issues from 1961-1998.

A brewing publication that a focuses on technical advancements with brewing techniques, buyers guides and other practical aspects of the beer industry.

Brewer's Digest: holdings run 1940-2004 (VLIB TP500.B82).

Marketed to commercial brewers, this journal includes abstracts for new publications, news from the US and abroad, education, statistics, event information, economic and legislative updates, photographs, and wonderful advertisements. It was published by Siebel Pub. Co. in Chicago and was also known as Brewers Technical Review and Siebel Technical Review.

Brewers' Guardian issues from 1963-2002. 

International brewing industry magazine that covers the business of brewing.Covers topics including corporate strategy, brewing, packaging, regulation, environmental and social responsibility, and brands and marketing. Also includes interviews with senior industry executives on industry trends and developments. Brewers' Guardian was first published in 1871, as a continuation of the Country Brewer's Gazette, and covered big stories such as the scientific breakthroughs of Louis Pasteur.

​Brewing Techniques issues from 1993-1999. 

Technical brewing magazine that was designed for both the advanced homebrewer and commercial brewer. Articles are written by a wide range of authors and on a wide variety of topics such as adjuncts, real ale, lab methods, education and training, judging, startups, and hops.

All articles are available on

Brygmestern: The Scandinavian Brewers’ Review - in Danish - issues from 1972-1978. 

Translated to “brewmaster,” this monthly magazine is published in both Danish and English. It offers abstracts, advertising, book reviews, and many other insights into the brewing and beer industry.

Celebrator Beer News issues from 1988-2014. 

Newspaper about U.S. craft brewing, with articles related to festivals and events, food, people, beer and books reviews, and other industry tidbits. Also includes articles about international activities. 

The Hop Press: A Memorandum of What's Brewin' 

  • This newsletter was prepared by Hop Specialist G.R. Hoerner and issued monthly by the Oregon State College Extension Service to provide information on hops and brewing to County Extension Agents in Oregon. This informal publication provides a detailed view of hops growing and production in Oregon and the northwest for this period, as well as information about hops growing in Washington, Idaho, and California. Included are a variety of news items, such as statistics on hop acreage, the costs of production, number of growers, information about industry organizations, summaries and preliminary reports of OSU hops research, news items from newspapers and other publications in Oregon and Washington, agendas for Hop Growers Conferences, and summaries of presentations at these conferences.

The Hopper

Institute of Brewing: Proceedings of annual conventions in Australia and New Zealand Section: issues from 1970-1994. 

Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists: issues from 1975-1997.

An international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes scientific research and articles on the sciences behind brewing and distilling. Also includes analysis on the different techniques from business malting, brewing, and distilling. Same as a American Society of Brewing Chemists issues from 1940-1974.

Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists: issues from 1976-2011 (VLIB TP500).

Published by the American Society of Brewing Chemists, this journal publishes scientific papers, review articles, and technical reports dealing with the chemistry and microbiology of brewing ingredients and relevant technology, as well as the analytical techniques used in the malting and brewing industry.

See also Proceedings. Annual meeting - American Society of Brewing Chemists: holdings run 1940-1942, 1946-1975. (TP500 .A5)

Journal of the Federated Institutes of Brewing: issues from 1895-1903. (VLIB TP570).

British journal that contains original research articles, as well as abstracts from articles published in other journals.

Journal of the Institute of Brewing: issues from 1948-1984.

A journal with quarterly publications that focuses on the scientific studies behind the brewing and distilling industries. These expertly reviewed articles are largely academic papers with research conducted at universities, institutes, and international laboratories.

Journal of the Institute of Brewing: issues from 1930-2012. (VLIB TP570 .I5).

This journal publishes original scientific papers relating to the brewing and fermentation industries, their raw materials and by-products. Papers are drawn from universities, research institutes and industrial laboratories world-wide.

See also Malting, brewing and allied processes: a literature survey prepared for the Institute of Brewing: holdings run 1957-1964. (Z7914.B6 M2)

Malt Advocate issues from 1994-2009

Magazine that used to focus more on beer, this publication is now called Whisky Advocate and devotes most of the issues to whisky-related topics. 

MBAA Technical Quarterly issues from 1964-2003. 

An online magazine that features both reviewed and non-reviewed articles on brewing ingredients, products, and methods. Along with this wide range of topics, the magazine also covers beer flavor and physical stability.

Modern Brewery Age issues from 1968-1995, 2006. 

A business magazine for the brewing industry.

New Brewer issues from 1983-2010.

Established in 1983 to help commercial start-up breweries find their way during the early days of the craft beer revolution, the journal of the Brewers Association has evolved with the maturing craft brewing community. Offers practical insights and advice for all sized breweries; content includes industry news, brewing technology, pub and restaurant management, and packaged beer sales and distribution. The annual "Industry Review" issue (May/June) tallies production for every craft brewery in America.

Northwest Brewing News issues from 1999-2014. 

Craft beer and brewing news from the Northwest, including feature columns, tasting panels, seasonal releases, homebrewers information, as well as state columns from Alaska and British Columbia to the Bay Area. 

Issues dating 2010-present are available on the Brewing News site. Also included are newspapers from New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Great Lakes, the Rocky Mountains, Southwest, and Southern regions. 

Oregon/Pacific Hop Grower

Oregon Beer Growler issues from 2012-present.

Oregon-centric craft beer newspaper covering a wide-variety of topics including brewery news, politics and regional concerns, people, history, homebrewing, food, tasting, and events. 

Find online issues on the OBG site. 

The year book of the United States Brewers' Association: holdings run from 1909-1921, 1911 is missing (VLIB HD9397.U5 U49).

Information about the activities and issues pertaining to the US Brewers' Association, including supplemental research materials; tables and statistics for taxation related to malt liquors, hops, barley, and rice; and officers, members, and breweries from each state. The 1911 through 1916 yearbooks include proceedings of the 51st through 56th annual conventions, and the yearbook for 1909 includes a "Historical sketch of United States Brewers' Association."

​Wallerstein Laboratory Communications: issues from 1937-1972

Wallerstein Laboratories: issues from 1937-1940. (VLIB TP500 .W2).

Publications on the science and practice of brewing.

Western brewer: issues from 1913-1960 (VLIB TP500 .B7).

Includes articles and pictures of people, companies, plants, and other related industry information, as well as advertisements for equipment/supplies and statistics. This journal was also called Beverage Journal (during Prohibition) and Brewers Journal. It was published by Gibson Pub. Co. in Philadelphia. 

Zymurgy issues from 1984-2013

Journal of the American Homebrewers Association that provides information for brewers and beer lovers. Articles include events, recipes, ingredients, books, suppliers, industry news, statistics of latest trends of the brewing industry, equipment, brewing science, and a healthy dose of beer culture.


How can you use this list? These are the most consulted books in our collections. Beneath each title, you’ll find a description of the material, as well as frequent research topics associated with the book. Use this list as an inspiration rather than a prescription. 

  • Not just for the home brewer, brewing recipe books from all eras offer information about ingredients, process, and styles. 
  • Not just for the tourist, state and regional tour books from all eras offer information about businesses, locations, total number of breweries in an area, and ownership details. Comparing books from different years will give insight into the change over time of the industry. 

Ambitious Brew by Maureen Ogle

Ogle brings an analytical and historical approach to the American beer narrative, structuring the story around the histories of prominent brewers and beer enthusiasts. The book offers a good general history from the westward expansion of the mid-nineteenth century to the craft brewing craze at the turn of the twentieth. Extensive notes, bibliography, and index included.

American Breweries by Donald Bull, Manfred Friedrich, and Robert Gottschalk and The register of United States breweries, 1876-1976: an alphabetical index by Manfred Friedrich and Donald Bull

These books include information about the name of the brewery, dates of operation, city, owner, and production. We've used this for research pertaining to: history of American brewing and the American beer industry.

The Audacity of Hops by Tom Acitelli

The Audacity of Hops follows the explosion of the American craft brew movement since the 1970s, built upon information gathered from interviews and archives. Acitelli notably covers multiple industry facets, including brewing, marketing, and public perception. Acitelli also addresses the impact of similar cultural trends, such as the Slow Food Movement.

Beer Lover's Oregon, by Globe Peqout and Logan Thompson

"The Beer Lover's series features regional breweries, brewpubs and beer bars for those looking to seek out and celebrate the best brews--from bitter seasonal IPAs to rich, dark stouts--their cities have to offer. With quality beer producers popping up all over the nation, you don't have to travel very far to taste great beer; some of the best stuff is brewing right in your home state. These comprehensive guides cover the entire beer experience for the proud, local enthusiast and the traveling visitor alike, including information on: - brewery and beer profiles with tasting notes- brewpubs and beer bars- events and festivals- food and brew-your-own beer recipes- city trip itineraries with bar crawl maps- regional food and beer pairings."

Bend Beer by Jon Abernathy

Abernathy traces the trajectory of Central Oregon’s beer history in his book, Bend Beer. In addition to including historical and production information for many Central Oregon breweries, the book contains a fascinating economic narrative of the region. Abernathy tracks Bend’s progress from a small homesteading community in the early twentieth century to a destination town with one of the highest number of breweries per capita in the nation.

Brewed in America by Stanley Baron

Published in 1962, this book focuses on the lasting popularity of beer and homebrewing throughout American history. Baron traces American beer’s roots back to the colonies, gradually following its trajectory across the growing nation and offering industry and brewing information along the way. Baron’s work is notable for its focus on early brewing practices, from the seventeenth century to Prohibition, as well as its lengthy reference list, bibliography, and index. We've used this for research pertaining to: pre-Prohibition, beer styles, and the development of brewing along the Pacific Coast.

Brewed in the Pacific Northwest by Gary and Gloria Meier

Without extensive citations or notes, this book offers an excellent introduction to the general history and production trends of brewing in Oregon and Washington. The Meiers cover important pre-Prohibition brewers and the steps they took to try to survive Prohibition. Brewed in the Pacific Northwest also includes homebrewing information, rare historical photos, and industry-related promotional materials.

Craft beers of the Pacific Northwest: a beer lover's guide to Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, By Lisa Morrison

Beer expert Lisa Morrison leads readers through each region with 115 key breweries and brew pubs in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. This book includes profiles of both craft beer pioneers and the brewers that followed.

Dictionary of the History of the American Brewing and Distilling Industries by William L. Downard

A reference work that historians interested in brewing, distilling, and federal regulation of those industries will want to consult. Professor William Downard has compiled useful information and ar- ranged it alphabetically by firm, person, and subject. The reader can easily locate subjects as diverse as the 1855 "beer riot" in Chicago and "the worm" (a device for cooling alcohol vapors when distilled). The author included citations of the major persons, organizations, and statutes pertaining to federal regulation and the prohibition movement.

Hops: Historic Photographs of the Oregon Hopscape, by Kenneth I. Helphand

For much of the first half of the twentieth century, Oregon was the leading producer of hops in the United States, with the Willamette Valley deemed “the garden spot of the world for the cultivation of hops.” The author has scoured archives across the state to gather together images of the hops landscape in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The photographs featured in Hops portray pickers of all backgrounds through different eras of agricultural practice. Here are children, nuns, families, immigrants, and college students in fields, hop driers, and tent camps. The photos range from the candid to the highly professional, including images from Dorothea Lange’s iconic Farm Security Administration work.

Hoptopia: A World of Agriculture and Beer in Oregon's Willamette Valley by Dr. Peter Kopp

Through the story of the hop, Hoptopia connects 21st century beer drinkers to lands and histories forgotten in an era of industrial food production. The craft beer revolution of the late 20th century is a remarkable global history that converged in the agricultural landscapes of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The common hop, a plant native to Eurasia, arrived to the Pacific Northwest only in the 19th century, but it thrived in the region’s environmental conditions. By the first half of the 20th century the Willamette Valley claimed the title “Hop Center of the World.” Hoptopia integrates an interdisciplinary history of environment, culture, economy, labor, and science through the story of the most indispensable ingredient in beer.

Oregon Brew Tour: Craft Beers, Microbrews, Nanobrews, Festivals, and Homebrew Info, by Debra and Bob Ledford.

Oregon Brew Tour details the history, buildings, festivals, and people in the Oregon beer community. It covers the entire state: from Astoria to Joseph, Portland to Ashland, along the Coast or the Columbia, and over the Cascades. 

Oregon Breweries by Brian Yaeger

Yaeger’s book offers brief histories, beer lists, and engaging vignettes from nearly 200 breweries across Oregon. Written almost like a guidebook, Oregon Breweries is easy to digest and browse for information. Personal interviews and visits make Yaeger’s book an important addition to the ‘Beervana’ narrative.

Portland Beer by Pete Dunlop

Dunlop uses interviews and archival materials to follow the rise of ‘Beervana’ in Portland. Although the book is best used for post-Prohibition research, it also includes some historical information about the city’s popular frontier saloon culture. Of particular note are Dunlop’s sections pertaining to the Brewpub Bill and the influence of local, beer-centric events like the Oregon Brewers Festival.

Portland Beer Stories by Steven Shomler

Shomler lends his voice to more than 40 individuals involved in Portland’s craft brew industry. Learn about the beer scene and its contemporary history from the brewers, distributors, pub owners, and growers living in its midst. Easily digested, Portland Beer Stories offers an entertaining way to discover little-told stories and introduce oneself to the craft beer movement.

Southern Oregon beer: a pioneering history by Phil Busse

The origin of brewing in southern Oregon is a lively tale of mid-nineteenth-century gold rushes, brawling German immigrants, irrepressible women and hometown pride. In the boomtown of Jacksonville, two pioneering brewers competed to quench the thirst of miners and ranchers, and soon breweries began popping up elsewhere. But as railroads spread across the West, they brought rival beer brands with them, and the onset of Prohibition stifled the industry altogether. Yet resourceful Oregonians continued to cultivate hops, and by the turn of the twenty-first century, small-town brewers like Caldera Brewing Company in Ashland and Climate City Brewery in Grants Pass were once again stepping into the spotlight. 

Tinged with Gold: Hop Culture in the United States by Michael A. Tomlan

Tomlan studies structures related to rural hop farming, examining them in specific socioeconomic and historical contexts. These structures are used as foundations for creating a national narrative of hop farming, one which explores the cultivation and harvesting of the crop. Tinged with Gold offers excellent background on the hop industry, as well as the incredible technological advances that have changed the way farms operate. We've used this book to research hop cultivation and distribution, rural farming in the 18th/19th centuries, and the history of hop growth and use in America.

The Widmer Way: How Two Brothers Led Portland’s Craft Beer Revolution by Jeff Alworth

The Widmer Way chronicles Kurt and Rob Widmer’s journey from homebrewers to craft beer pioneers. Drawing from hours of interviews with Kurt and Rob, close family and friends, and colleagues in the beer industry, The Widmer Way looks into the Widmer brothers’ lives and their  impact on craft brewing in Portland and beyond. Alworth explores the Widmer family’s beer history, the brothers’ German influence, the brewery’s distribution deal with Anheuser-Busch, and the formation of the Craft Brew Alliance, one of the largest craft brewing companies in the United States. Alworth also dives deep into Portland’s history, setting the scene for Widmer’s rise in the city now known for its exquisite beer.

For further useful reading, browse the book lists of these collections:

For other historic books, do a search on the Hathi Trust and Google Books!