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Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives: DIGITAL COLLECTIONS

This guide provides a list of archival collections related to hops and brewing history, as well as tips and resources for doing research.

How to find digital and digitized collections

We do a lot of work to digitize collections and provide online access. This page will offer tips on searching, as well as a description of the types of materials you'll find on difference sites (Oregon Digital, Scholars Archives, OSU Media Space, Flickr). 

  • Tips for searching/finding? You can start by doing a keyword search for "hops" or "brewing" or "malt" or "barley" or "history." Then combine them in different ways into more complex searches.  
  • To get to older research start by searching by these names: 
    • Alfred Haunold
    • Gail Nickerson
    • Stanley Brooks
    • Godfrey Hoerner
    • Chester Horner
    • Sam Likens
    • Warren Kronstad
    • William Foote
    • E.N. Hoffman
  • Limit the search and look for a specific college, program, or department. For example:
    • Oregon State University Extension Service
    • Oregon State College. Agricultural Experiment Station
    • Oregon State University. Agricultural Experiment Station
    • United States. Agricultural Research Service
  • Limit the search and look for specific subjects. For example: 
    • Hops
    • Agriculture -- Oregon -- Statistics 
    • Farm produce -- Oregon -- Statistics 
    • Barley -- Genetics
    • Grain -- Varieties -- Oregon -- Statistics 
    • Beer -- Flavor and odor -- Analysis
  • Use keywords like hops, lupulin
  • Limit by dates to narrow and focus the results. 

Online audio and video

OSU MediaSpace

Essentially, this site is OSU's YouTube. It houses all the online versions of SCARC's audio and video files ~ though not all of SCARC's a/v content. Files related to hops and brewing history include all the OHBA oral histories, event videos, digital surrogates of cassette tapes of c.1980 interviews on the hops industry (originals at Benton County Historical Society), related OSU videos, and other OSU oral history collections with related interviews.

Online photographs

There are two main ways to access online images: through Oregon Digital and Flickr.

Although these are both places to see and download pictures related to hops and brewing history, the system, content, and avenues for access differ.

Oregon Digital

What types of photos will you find here? Art Larrance’s pre-Prohibition hops and brewing advertising and company materials (digital surrogates); Fred Bowman’s photographs of original Portland Brewing building renovation and events (digital surrogates); hops publications; photos of hop picking at Mount Angel Abbey (digital surrogates); and photographs of hop picking, equipment, and farmers from the Oregon Hop Growers Association Collection.

Flickr photos

What will you find here? Miscellaneous OSU photographs from department collections or research reports related to hops, brewing, and barley; OSU researcher; yards and fields; hop growers and pickers. You'll also find current public programming, events, exhibit, and outreach photographs.

Online documents

Oregon Digital also has documents and publications.

Go directly to OHBA created content!

Scholars Archive

ScholarsArchive@OSU is Oregon State University’s digital repository for research, scholarship, and historical records. OSU Libraries is responsible for collecting, maintaining, preserving, and providing access to the items. You'll find theses, dissertations, OSU and Extension Services publications, and research reports here.

Oregon Explorer

What will you find here? OE is a natural resources digital library that integrates and provides access to data from state and federal agencies, local governments, university scientists and citizens to support informed decisions and actions by people concerned with natural resources, agriculture, environment, and communities in Oregon and the West. Of special note are the Farming and Agriculture and Century Farm and Ranch topic pages.