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FES 422/522: Research Methods in Social Science

Try Citation Searching

Once you have found some relevant or important articles on your topic, one way to expand your search is through citation searching.  Citation searching looks for all of the articles or books that have cited your initial paper since it was written.  There are two main databases you can use for this kind of search:  Web of Science and Google Scholar.  Both of these databases cover somewhat different sources, so it can be helpful to try both.

Web of Science (Tip - make sure you choose the Cited Reference Search option):

screenshot of a Web of Science searchbar highlighting "cited reference search"

Search by the first author's name. Web of Science is picky - enter the last name first and then the first initial(s) without a period.

screenshot of Web of Science search bar's cited reference search

Find the entry that matches the article you had in mind. Especially look at the Cited Work and Year Column. Select that entry, then choose Finish Search.

screenshot of searches from Web of Science

Google Scholar (Tip - click on the cited by link to see all of the citing papers):

screenshot of Google Scholar