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FES 422/522: Research Methods in Social Science

Finding Journal Suggestions in Library Databases

For this assignment, you need to find JOURNALS. The databases can help you do this.   Hint - databases often call journals "sources."

  • Go to a database (see options on the Library Assignment page).
  • Enter a keyword search.
  • Often, on the left side of the page will be options to refine your search. Choose the option with "sources."
  • The sources are a list of journal names on your topic.

refine results by source title

Finding the full text of an article in library databases

 Look for the 360 link to full text button to open the full article.

Options for getting to the PDF will open in a new window. Sometimes the link will take you to the journal, not the individual article. Use the citation information for the article to get to the right year, volume and issue of the journal.

If the library doesn't have it, request the article for free from Interlibrary Loan: On average, articles arrive digitally in 13 hours.