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US Census Data

2020 Census FAQ and step-by-step guidance to using the US Census Bureau's primary tool for accessing census data.

Video tutorials and training materials

To help users get the most out of the new website and the new ways to interact with data, the US Census has produced a series of video tutorials. The goal of these videos is to introduce the different data products offered, as well as explain different census terminology. 

These videos are under the umbrella of the Census Academy, which contains a wealth of resources including webinars, courses, and pre-made visualizations. Users can also request a data training session through the website. 

Release notes and FAQ

A screenshot of the United States Census Bureau's Release Notes and FAQ cover sheet

The US Census has released a booklet containing release notes for the new Census data website, in addition to a set of Frequency Asked Questions. Included in this booklet are also a set of known defects in with the website. If you encounter any issues when using the data website, please consult this booklet to see if this is a known problem before contacting the site administrators.