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US Census Data

2020 Census FAQ and step-by-step guidance to using the US Census Bureau's primary tool for accessing census data.

Dynamic table basics

A screenshot of the ACS Demographic and Household Estimates table from the US Census

Unlike with American Fact Finder, the new US Census data website allows users to easily customize data tables and then export them for future use. Users can apply filters, such as selecting a year, a specific state or Congressional district to focus the data. In addition to that, users can hide columns that they're not interested in seeing at this time.

Once users have selected a table and applied whatever filters they want, they can then download the table in CSV format to use in whatever software they are using for analysis.

More table functionality will be deployed at later dates, including multiple table downloads and further table enhancements.

Geographic profiles

Geographic profiles are a new way the Census has begun visualizing data. These profiles, ranging from the country as a whole to individual cities, provide snapshots of demographic and economic information. Users can share and export the data directly from the profile page.

Building custom tables

A screenshot of a custom table built using Census micro data

The US Census website allows users to build custom tables containing the data that they want if pre-made tables do not fit user needs. Within datasets, users can select which variables they want and how they want the data to be weighted (Housing Weight is selected by default). Once the tables are constructed, users can then export the data as a CSV file or extract the raw data.

This feature is currently in beta mode and may change in future.

Mapping data

A screenshot of a map visualizing "Educational Attainment in the United State" for population 18-24

Users can now map data directly from their selected tables. Users can select what level of geography they want to examine and use the selector tool to choose the areas you want. The website will automatically create a legend explaining the population distribution, which users can modify using the "Customize Map" button.