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US Census Data

2020 Census FAQ and step-by-step guidance to using the US Census Bureau's primary tool for accessing census data.

About is the primary Census website for disseminating data. It is designed to be a centralized platform for users to browse data, build custom tables, explore city profiles, and create data visualizations. In addition to the 2020 Census, data from the American Community Survey and the Current Population Survey are included on the website.

American FactFinder (AFF), the previous Census website, has been sunsetted and will no longer be updated. It will officially go offline on March 31, 2020.

Choosing topics

​There are numerous ways to access the different types of data available on the Census website:

US Census data website "Explore Census Data"

  • Search feature
    • Basic: Quickly search for a particular topic, such as “age” or “education”
    • Advanced: The advanced search feature allows users to be more selective when searching across the range of datasets and pages included on the Census website. This also allows users to select which survey or census they would like to search within.
  • Quick Profiles: Quick profiles provide country, state, county and town data. These profiles include demographic and economic data.
  • Tables: Unlike American Fact Finder, the new Census data website allows users to build their own tables using filters, specific surveys, or censuses. These tables can then be exported for use in the data analytics software of your choice.
  • Industry information: The Census data website includes the industry codes used throughout the USA. It also contains the latest Economic Census from 2017, which is currently being released state by state.
  • Microdata: If existing data tables don’t meet your needs, the new data website has the ability to create custom tables using public microdata files.

Using filters

During the searching process, you can apply filters to help focus your search at multiple stages.  

The filters offered allow users to select a wide range of options, including:

  • Specific geographies like states, counties, cities, and Congressional districts
  • Race and ethnic data
  • Educational attainment
  • Employment and commuting data

US Census Bureau Search filters