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What am I searching when I use the at OSU Libraries scope?

Use the At OSU Libraries only scope to locate the books, government documents, DVDs, maps and other resources held here in the OSU Libraries.

Once you search the OSU Libraries scope, you can refine to a resource type (books, ebooks, journals, maps, etc.) to help make your search more specific.

Limit to items in the OSU Libraries (Library Catalog)

Choose the At OSU Libraries only scope to search all of the OSU Libraries collections. This includes Guin, Vet Med, and OSU Cascades. This option is available after you enter your initial search terms.

How do I get a book from another library?

You can request a book from another library if the OSU Libraries' copy is out or if we don't own a copy.

If the availability of the items says Request this Item, that means we either do not own the item or it is currently checked out.

Click on Request this item

  • If the book is available in Summit (our Washington-Oregon-Idaho consortium), you will see a Place Summit request link in the Get It section. Click on the link and select a pick-up location.
  • If the book is not available in Summit, you will see a link to place an Interlibrary Loan request. Click on the link to place the request in your Interlibrary Loan account.
  • Sometimes you may see a Get it link instead, click on the link to request the resource.

How do I find ebooks?

Find electronic books (ebooks) at OSU Libraries in five easy steps:

1. Go to 1Search. Login with your ONID info.

2. Use the drop down menu next to the search box to select "At OSU Libraries only".

3. Make your search.

4. Refine your search under the "Refine my results" menu. Under "Resource Type", select "eBooks". Click "Apply Filters".

5. Click the "Online access" link under an ebook. You may need to login with your ONID information to view the contents

Record for an ebook. There is a link for online access under the record.

How do I search by ISSN or ISBN?

This option is found on the Advanced Search page in the drop-down text menu next to Search Terms.

Click on Advanced Search to the right of the search box

Choose ISBN or ISSN from the Any Field drop-down menu

You must enter ISBNs like this: 9780375847387. You must enter ISSNs like this: 1523-388X.

How do I search by call number?

Click on Show More in the main menu

Then click on Browse

Be careful to include spaces only where they are needed.

call number with spaces included

Books Using the Library Catalog

Find books at OSU Libraries in a few easy steps. 

  1. Enter your topic in the 1Search search box in the top right corner of the screen
  2. To narrow your search to only OSU Libraries, choose the At OSU Libraries only scope to search all of the OSU Libraries collections. This includes Guin, Vet Med, and OSU Cascades.
  3. Use the facets on the right-hand side of the page to choose "book" as the content type you want to see. 
  4. Write down the call number so you can go get the book off the shelf.
  5. Check out the book at the circulation desk using your OSU ID

Click on the title of the book to see additional details.