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How can I make my search more specific?

1Search includes many types of resources so you will very likely need to limit your search results. Note all the facets on the right side, as well as some quick limiters at the top. Useful limiters and facets on the right-hand side to refine your search:

  • Availability -  limit to what is in the OSU Libraries' collection

Use Availability to make your search more specific


  • Resource Type -- to limit to books, audiovisual (for DVDs, CDs, etc.)

Use Resource Type to limit your search

  • Publication Date-- to limit your results published within a specific time

Can I use "boolean logic"?

To search for a phrase, enter quotation marks around your search terms, e.g., “climate change”.

To search for any specified words or phrases, enter OR (all in upper case) between the words or phrases, e.g. genealogy OR lineage.

To exclude words or phrases, enter NOT (all in upper case) followed by the word or phrase to exclude, e.g. silver NOT gold.

To group terms within a search, use parentheses around the terms, e.g. Shakespeare (tragedy OR sonnet).

Can I use truncation or wildcards?

To perform a single-character wildcard search, enter a ? in place of the character position that has more than one possibility, e.g. wom?n to search for woman, women, etc.

To perform a multiple character wildcard search, enter a * in place of the characters that have multiple possibilities, e.g. cultur* to search for culture, cultural, culturally, etc.

How do I search by ISSN or ISBN?

This option is found on the Advanced Search page in the drop-down text menu next to Search Terms.

Click on Advanced Search to the right of the search box

Choose ISBN or ISSN from the Any Field drop-down menu

You must enter ISBNs like this: 9780375847387. You must enter ISSNs like this: 1523-388X.

How do I save, print or email my results?

Favorites (formerly called e-shelf) is where you can keep track of what you found in your searches. You can add things to the Favorites without being signed-in but they will disappear once you exit 1Search. To keep items on your Favorites, sign in in the top right corner of the screen.

For individual records, click on the Pin Icon

Select the Pin Icon at the top of the screen to view your marked records.

To email or print items from your Favorites,

  1. Click the checkbox next to each item
  2. Click on the Push to Actions menu (three dots)
  3. Select print or email from the menu

Click on the Pin Icon to return to your search