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GEOG 323: Climatology

For Andrea Allan's GEOG 323 course.

References Cited Guidelines

For your GEO 323 research paper, you are required to use the style of the Journal of Climate, published by the American Meteorological Society.

TIP: You may find it helpful to review in-text citations and reference lists from recent articles.

See an in-depth overview of how to cite in the Journal of Climate style below:

Article Citation Example

Need more help on how to cite an article in the Journal of Climate style? Here is an example article citation with explanations about each piece of the citation below:

Authors - The first author must be written in this format - Last Name, First Name Initials. The following authors are listed First Initials. Last Name. Use "and", not an & before the last author's name. Follow the authors' names with a comma.

Year Published - Just include the year (no month or day); don't use parentheses. Follow the year with a colon.

Article Title - Journal of Climate style uses sentence case for article titles meaning that only the first letter of the article title is capitalized. The exception is if there are proper nouns or acronyms in the title.

Journal Name - Journal of Climate uses journal abbreviations for journal titles that are longer than one word. You can look up your journal abbreviations here: CAS Search Tool. Note - not all journals have abbreviations, if you look a journal up and it is not in the list, either don't abbreviate it or make your best guess about an abbreviation based on other abbreviations you have seen. Italicize the Journal Name.

Journal Volume - The volume indicates how many times the journal is published each year. The volume should be bolded and followed by a comma.

Page Number(s) - Include the full page range. Typically, this will look something like this - 6-18. However, many articles are now only published electronically and include only one electronic starting number.

DOI - Journal of Climate requires that the DOI (digital object identifier) should be included (when available), this is usually found on the first page of the article or on the search result itself in the database. Some older articles don't include a DOI, but almost all current articles should have a DOI.

Overall style - the colors were used just to help show the different parts of the citation. Use black font and make sure to use a hanging indent (the second lines are indented below the first line).