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GEOG 323: Climatology

For Andrea Allan's GEOG 323 course.


Books published on atmospheric sciences and climatology can typically be found in the call numbers QC851- QC999 (1st floor).

QC801-809 - Geophysics.  Cosmic physics
QC811-849 - Geomagnetism
QC851-999 - Meteorology.  Climatology (Including the earth's atmosphere)
QC974.5-976 - Meteorological optics
QC980-999 - Climatology and weather
QC994.95-999 - Weather forecasting

You may find that other sections of the library are useful as well:

  • Geography (6th floor)
  • Maps & most atlases (3rd floor)


Locating books

Use 1Search from the library's home page to search for books in the Valley Library, OSU branch libraries, and Summit Libraries. 

Limit to items in the OSU Libraries (Library Catalog)

Choose the At OSU Libraries only scope to search all of the OSU Libraries collections. This includes Guin, Vet Med, and OSU Cascades.


OSU Libraries scope screenshot



How do I get a book from another library?

You can request a book from another library (Summit or Worldcat) using our Interlibrary Loan service.

If the availability of the items says Check Holdings, that means we either do not own the item or it is currently checked out.

Click on the Availability & Request Options tab

Click Request the item from another library.

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Reference Sources (online and in print)