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FW 467/567: Antarctic Science and Conservation

Suggested Databases for FW 467/567

Here are three databases to use for your research.

Also see the tabs on the left side of the page for more details on using the databases 1Search and Web of Science.

Literature Review Basics

Reviewing the information on a topic means exploring sources, finding relevant articles, books and reports, reading them, and then organizing the issues with and approaches to your topic.

Start by searching appropriate databases including GoogleScholar (Google will be much too broad).  Then use databases focused on your discipline to save time and to get information focused on your area. Check the list of selected databases on this page.

Take an important paper on a species or topic and use Web of Science to find newer papers that cite that paper. This can help you to find more recent work on similar themes. You can also do this in GoogleScholar.

Select a recent paper and use Web of Science to link to all papers referenced by that paper, in case you want to discuss research on a similar species that is relevant to your topic.

Read more about citation searching and other literature review techniques on the Literature Review Guide.