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FES/MNR 522: Research Methods in Social Science (Olsen)

This guide provides advice on how to successfully complete the library assignment for FES 522 as well as locating articles in the social science literature related to natural resources.

Locating books

Use 1Search from the library's home page to search for books in the Valley Library, OSU branch libraries, and Summit Libraries.

Science books and print journals (for example, the call number SD for Forestry) are located on the 1st floor of The Valley Library.

Social Science resources are located on the 5th floor of The Valley Library.

Geography and recreation resources are located on the 6th floor of The Valley Library.

Find Theses & Dissertations

OSU theses and dissertations can be found either online via ScholarsArchive or older issues can be found in print on the fifth floor.

Either enter a basic keyword search (for example, user surveys), or use the Browse options on the right side of the page to look within a specific discipline ("Communities & Collections") such as Marine Resource Management.