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FES/MNR 522: Research Methods in Social Science (Olsen)

This guide provides advice on how to successfully complete the library assignment for FES 522 as well as locating articles in the social science literature related to natural resources.

Other library guides on publishing

Tools for evaluating journals

Choosing a venue for your early career articles can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are some tools available to help authors decide which journals are the best match for their work. These tools can be used to supplement the knowledge about disciplinary publishing gained through discussions with advisors, mentors, peers, and others in the profession.

Journal Impact

The Impact Factor measure for many journals is available using the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). As you investigate a particular journal, you can also review the summary information for the subject in JCR.  Crititcal to know about JCR:

  • As a general rule, impact factors (and other journal-level metrics) are not comparable across disciplines.
  • Impact factor is about the journal as a whole, not a measure of the quality of individual articles published within the journal.

JCR category Immunology showing example category metrics

    Tip: Getting to know journals through search alerts

    Before you publish, you can learn about the disciplinary literature that reflects the research you're doing.  In addition to learning from those you work with and around, you can utilize tools like Web of Science and Google Scholar to set up alerts to notify you of new research on specific topics, by specific people,or in specific journals.  In addition to keeping current, you will also start to see which journals publish research in your field.