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FES/MNR 522: Research Methods in Social Science (Olsen)

This guide provides advice on how to successfully complete the library assignment for FES 522 as well as locating articles in the social science literature related to natural resources.

Library Assignment - Check Course Calendar for the Due Date

Use the tabs on this guide to help you address the three parts of your assignment on "Theory, Research Questions and the Library."   These will provide suggestions for:

  1. Locating 12 journals which regularly include articles on social sciences and natural resources.
  2. Using the Web of Science to find an article which has cited the article you have been assigned to read (Fluker & Turner, 2000).
  3. Locating M.S. and Ph.D manuscripts related to some aspect of social sciences, using ScholarsArchive@OSU's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Collection.

Course Instructor

Christine Olsen