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BRR 100: Great Experiments in Bioresource Sciences

Keyword Brainstorm

How to begin searching when you don't know much about your topic?

1. Look for relevant past examples

2. Brainstorm many key words connected to your idea

3. Think if there are other disciplines or fields that could be interested in your topic (but maybe from a different perspective)

4. Start broad, and read many sources, even those that don't seem like they match every element of your topic.

In class exercise -

Step 1. Brainstorm keywords for the topic given. Enter those keywords in this document.

Step 2. Brainstorm more keywords based on searching in 1Search or Google Scholar, and reading titles or search limiter headings. Enter those keywords in the shared document.

Article Comparison

Compare and contrast these two articles. What is the same? What is different? As a researcher, when would you use each one?

Library Assignment - Part 2