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*Public Policy*

Oregon Explorer

Oregon Explorer provides a web-based natural resources digital library  by integrating data from state and federal agencies, local governments, university scientists, and citizens. A collaboration between Oregon State University Libraries and the Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon Explorer helps inform decisions and actions affecting Oregon's natural environment.

Some of the modules can also be very useful for researchers in the social sciences. You can easily access community data in the Rural Communities Explorer. It contains the Oregon Communities Reporter, a unique resource for community practitioners linking the 723 places and 36 counties in Oregon to data gathered at the place, census tract, and county levels by various agencies and institutions. Using the Oregon Communities Reporter you can get a sense of the makeup of the communities in Oregon with statistics compiled by faculty from Oregon State University's Rural Studies Program.

Environmental Policy Digital Collection

Environmental Policy Collection at UNT Digital Library is an expanding collection brought together by the University of North Texas UNT Digital Library. It contains "a variety of open access resources that provide a balanced view on environmental issues and their potential consequences."