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1Search System Upgrade June 2022

Creating Permalinks for Bookmarks and Embedded Links

Permalinks (permanent links) are URLs intended to remain unchanged for many years into the future. We recommend using Permalinks when sharing links to items in 1Search.  If you are using Permalinks, these links will continue to work after the upgrade to the new 1Search system. To see if you are using Permalinks on your links for readings in Canvas or on websites, check to see if the word "permalink" appears in the URL.  

Some of the permalinks in the system did not redirect correctly.  

To fix links that won’t open, you can do one of the following

1. Replace the letters "CP" in the URL with "alma"  


2. Do a search for the item in 1Search to get the new Permalink. You can find the permalink of an item from the search results. First, locate the item and click the link icon right to the item title.

The permalink will be shown at the bottom of the item for to be copied for use in your bookmarks, syllabi or Canvas courses.


For more on these links see the guide to persistent links.