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1Search System Upgrade June 2022

Our vendor completed an upgrade on June 28th, 2022.  The overall look and feel of 1Search did not change, but some of the functionality has been enhanced, including: 

  • New records will populate the catalog much more quickly
  • Item availability windows will load faster
  • The Journals Browse feature will incorporate both print and electronic materials

What happened to your 1Search data?

Most of your data was automatically transferred to the new system including loans, holds, and saved records in your My Favorites. However, if you used Saved Searches and Search Alerts and did not capture your data before June 27, 2022, these will not have transferred. Bookmarks or links that were not permalinks also would not have migrated. In addition, some permalinks for scanned course reserve materials did not migrate. 

  1. Items in Saved Records were migrated automatically for each account.
  2. Bookmarks using permalinks of 1Search were redirected to the upgraded system. If you were not using permalinks, before June 27, 2022, your links will need to be updated. For example: if you have items linked from 1Search in Canvas, please check to see whether these links still work. If you need help checking or changing your bookmarks or links to permalinks, please contact us at
  3. Items in Saved Searches and Search Alerts were not migrated. if you have questions, please contact us at
  4. Ensure your bookmarks to 1Search use this URL:


  1. If you have a course reserve URL that no longer works, try this 
    • Replace the letters "CP" in the URL with "alma
  2. If you have a URL that won't resolve, try this:
    • Replace the "primo-explore" section of the URL with "discovery" as shown below and the link should resolve to the proper item
      • . .


OSU's access to the old platform will end by the end of July 2022.  If you need help, please contact