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Home Economics at Oregon State

Using the SCARC Website

From our homepage, you can access the events calendar, featured resources, collection guides, blog posts about SCARC activities and collections, and more.  You can also use this site to search our collection guides (also called finding aids) for content relevant to your research.  You can find more information about searching our portals on the "Tips and Tricks" tab.  If you have any more questions not covered here, SCARC Public services staff are available to assist you in navigating and searching these sites!

Home Economics in SCARC Collections

Kerr Library third floor reading areaThere are a number of places and ways to learn about home economics on campus, and a great place to start is SCARC's website and physical collections!  A search for "home ec" in SCARC's archival holdings includes over 90 different collections documenting the history of the study and practice of Home Economics at Oregon State.  Below is a selection to get you started on your own research:

SCARC'S rare books collections also include a number of home economics related materials!  You can see some of these texts here:

What can I find in SCARC about the people who made home economics happen?

Female students on commencement dayYou can search our entire collection by term on our website, or use the following to focus on specific collections of our materials!

Oral histories cover the entire history of our university, state, and other collecting areas, including the Voices of OSU Women portalthe OH 150 project which can be sorted thematically to find interviews relevant to home economics, and the College of Home Economics Oral History collection (OH 011).

You can search our collections available in digital form (like photographs!) at Oregon Digital and Flickr.  Specific collections on Oregon Digital include:

  • College Yearbooks:  A keyword-searchable digital collection featuring the entire run of OSU Yearbooks from 1894-2014.
  • General Catalogs:  Contain information about classes offered, lists staff and students (in earlier editions), and other aspects of campus life.
  • Biennial Reports:  These reports shed light on new hires and changes in classes offered, while giving a broader sense of the state of the college.

A Home Economics faculty member posing with a test tube washing machine in Milam Hall, January 1954

Looking for information on a particular Oregon State employee or student?  Be sure to check out:

  • The Barometer: The Barometer Campus Newspaper consists of Oregon State University’s student-published newspaper and documents the full range of campus programs and activities, as well as local and regional news and events.  The first issue  -- The College Barometer -- was published in March 1896 in a magazine format.  In 1906, a weekly publication in a newspaper format was launched and by 1923 the Daily Barometer was published every weekday during the academic year.
  • Oregon Alumni Magazines: The Oregon State University alumni magazine - a regular news publication that provides information on campus events, research and teaching, and athletics, as well as news of the activities and lives of Oregon State alumni - was launched in October 1915 with the first issue of the OAC Alumnus. In the decades since, the magazine has been published under several titles: OAC Alumnus from 1915 to 1929; Oregon State Monthly from April 1929 through 1937; and Oregon Stater beginning in 1940.
  • News and Communication Services Records, 1940-2004:  The News and Communication Services Records document the public relations activities of Oregon State University, especially with the news media. The records consists primarily of biographical files for faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and others affiliated with Oregon State and press releases.  Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.