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Open and Sustainable Scholarly Communication at Oregon State University

Introducing Sustainable Scholarship at OSU

Open Access Article Publishing Support

The Library does not currently provide funding to pay article processing charges for Open Access, except for articles that appear in PeerJ journals. If you'd like to deposit your article to the ScholarsArchive@OSU institutional repository so that it is freely available to the world via Google Scholar and other databases, please do so here:


PeerJ operates peer-reviewed journals and a preprint server, covering the life, biology, medicine, and environmental sciences, as well as the computer sciences.  All articles published in PeerJ are immediately and freely accessible on the web. OSU Libraries and Press are proud to offer OSU faculty, research associates, and research assistants coverage of APCs (article processing charges) for PeerJ in support of their open access publishing activities. The charge will be paid when OSU faculty, research associates, and research assistants have an article accepted for publication in PeerJ.


OSU Libraries' institutional membership with MDPI automatically provides OSU authors with a 10% discount on article processing charges for MDPI journals, and discounts on book publishing charges. MDPI publishes open access journals and books in the sciences.

The MDPI Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP) provides discounts on the APCs to authors from participating institutes. During submission of an article, the author can select and confirm the affiliation directly in their online system. The corresponding or leading authors of a paper must be associated with the listed institutes to benefit from the discount.

Full list of MDPI open access journals

Open Access Publishing Support


OSU Libraries provides support for open access journal publishing and a variety of digital publishing projects: 

  • OSU and UO Libraries jointly established OJS@OregonDigital that handles the full cycle of open access journal publishing.

Slideshow about OJS@OregonDigital


Visit our Digital Publishing page for examples of open book publishing and online exhibits.