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Open and Sustainable Scholarly Communication at Oregon State University

Introducing Sustainable Scholarship at OSU

What Can I Do?

Are you interested in promoting open and sustainable scholarship? Consider contributing in any of the ways listed below!


  • Share your articles in OSU's institutional repository, ScholarsArchive@OSU.
  • Publish your work in fully open access journals.
  • Consider where you publish. Whenever possible, publish in journals that are reasonably priced, that allow authors to retain copyright, that have transparent pricing, and that do not bundle high- and lesser-impact journals.

Faculty Policymakers

  • OSU guidelines for promotion and tenure acknowledge that scholarship can take many forms so long as the work is validated by peers and communicated. Society presses, open access journals, and electronic archives are publication models that meet these key criteria.
  • When considering departmental promotion and tenure guidelines, look beyond traditional, unsustainable publication models when evaluating promotion and tenure.

Journal Editors and Scholarly Society Members

  • Transition journals to open access whenever possible.
  • Advocate for and implement sustainable pricing and equitable access policies, including:
    • Making journal content available after a short time (6-12 months)
    • Creating policies that allow authors to retain copyright permissions and/or self-archive their work


  • Volunteer to review for sustainable, open access journals, and refuse to do volunteer labor for inequitable, for-profit journals.
  • Install browser plug-ins like Open Access Button and Unpaywall, which help you find legal, open access versions of articles.
  • Familiarize yourself with alternative access services like Interlibrary Loan, which can get you articles in lieu of unsustainable, expensive subscriptions.
  • Support the Faculty Senate's adoption of the Open & Sustainable Scholarly Communication Principles.