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Find Finley's Friends!

Image of a stuffed animal, a small goat with horns and a white, fluffy beard

Finley and their friend Kidder are hidden in the Valley Library. Take a picture of Kidder and show the Info Desk for a prize! Post your photo to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag it with #ValleyLibGOAT to be entered to win a weekly prize of goat-friendly snacks!

Week of term Location clue
Week 1 Kidder, no! Those are not vending machines for paper!
Week 2 Want to be the GOAT of research? Find a spot where you can study quietly or even go to library workshops!
Week 3 Kidder's on the (real) first floor checking out books about other goats in her family.
Week 4 Kidder is "helping" SCARC show off their Favorite Things exhibit.
Week 5 Chemistry is hard! Kidder is hanging out on the 3rd floor for some tutoring.
Week 6  
Week 7  
Week 8  
Week 9  
Week 10  
Finals Week  


Why Goats?

Like goats, the Valley Library is great. Many of us would even say it's the Greatest of All Time (we may be biased).

We hope this guide will inspire in you the spirit of curiosity, to look deeper into our collections, and find the fun in research. Research is all about posing questions, and those questions are up to you. As you wander through this guide, ask yourself some questions:

  • What do you know about goats?
  • What are the ethics of keeping goats?
  • Why do U.S. presidents love goats so much?

Hopefully, Finley and their friends inspire you to answer these questions, and ask others!



Why is our goat named Finley?

Hint: Look for clues on the "Goat Resources in the Valley Library" page.