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The Great Goat Escape!

Kidder has escaped! She made so many friends, and went on so many adventures in the Library, she must have wondered what the wider Image of a stuffed animal, a small goat with horns and a white, fluffy beardworld might have to offer. Luckily, eagle-eyed community members have been capturing and reporting photographic evidence of her whereabouts weekly.


Week of Spring term Location clue Location Answer
Week 1 Built in 1918, this building was named for the University's first librarian. Kidder
Week 2 This open, grassy area featured tennis courts into the 1930s. MU Quad
Week 3 Once a men's dormitory, this building is now the heart of Innovation Nation. Weatherford
Week 4 This building's namesake coached for 35 seasons, and was later named Beaver Athletic Director. Gill Coliseum
Week 5 The kinetic sculpture in front of this building was created by Portland artist Pete Beeman. Tebeau Hall
Week 6 Housed in Champinefu Lodge, this Center offers students use of free laundry facilities, and runs a textbook lending program and food pantry. Basic Needs Center
Week 7 Still the home of speech and communication, this building once also housed radio and televison studios. Shepard Hall
Week 8 Designed as a physical education facility for women, this building is considered by many to be the masterpiece of campus architect John Bennes. Women's Building
Week 9 Built in 1932, this building was expanded in 1965 and 1990; by 1996, 53,000 active users were taking advantage of its many services. Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
Week 10 Established in the old Philomath College building in 1951, construction on this new building was completed in 2021. Corvallis Museum
Finals Week

Kidder has made her long-awaited and triumphant return to the Valley Library - just in time for Finals Week - and she's brought her twin sister, Milam! They've been reunited with Finley.

Be sure to stop by, say hello, and give her chin a little scratch for good luck.


Who's that dashing new critter?

Image of a child's toy stuffed mountain lion riding another stuffed toy goat. Photo by Rachel Lilley, June 2023.A tiny, adorable mountain lion - Pebbles, Jr. - has joined the library's fluffy cast of characters! Some of you may have noticed him keeping Finley company at the table near the Circulation Desk.

Having heard about Kidder's escape from the Library at the beginning of spring term, two thoughtful and generous benefactors - who shall remain both anonymous and incredibly mysterious - brought Pebbles Jr. in to keep Finley company. Finley, of course, was incredibly grateful, and he and Pebbles, Jr. became fast friends.

Thanks again to those students for their kindness! We hope you'll join us in welcoming Pebbles, Jr. to the Valley Library!

Why Goats?

Like goats, the Valley Library is great. Many of us would even say it's the Greatest of All Time (we may be biased).

We hope this guide will inspire in you the spirit of curiosity, to look deeper into our collections, and find the fun in research. Research is all about posing questions, and those questions are up to you. As you wander through this guide, ask yourself some questions:

  • What do you know about goats?
  • What are the ethics of keeping goats?
  • Why do U.S. presidents love goats so much?

Hopefully, Finley and their friends inspire you to answer these questions, and ask others!



Why is our goat named Finley?

Hint: Look for clues on the "Goat Resources in the Valley Library" page.