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Greatest of All Time

You expected lists of the greatest books, movies, athletes, or pizza toppings of all time? Color image of a tan and white Alpine dairy goat

  • Great Goat-approved Treats:
    • Carrots
    • Apples
    • Bananas
    • Lettuce
    • Pumpkins
  • Great Goat Cheeses of the World
    • Manouri: Northern Greece. Described as "smooth-textured...slightly sour, [and] citrusy." Great in cakes, or paired with fruit.
    • Ticklemoore: Devon, United Kingdom. Described as "crumbly" with a "floral and grassy flavor." Delicious as a salad topper.
    • Crottin de Chavignol: Loire Valley, France. Described as "slightly acidic [and nutty]." Well-paired with a Sauvignon Blanc.
    • Scimudin: Valtellina Valley, Northern Italy. Described as "silky smooth" and "slightly sweet." A tasty topper for sweet breads or rolls.
    • Kilembe: South Africa. Described as "crumbly [in] texture [with a] deep nuttiness." Delicious as a baked, phyllo dough-wrapped appetizer.

[Image credit: Ten Rivers Food Web Records, Series 2, Sub-series 2, Digital Folder 07]

What would your G.O.A.T list be about, and who (or what) would make the cut?