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1Search (library search system)

How do I save, print or email my results?

Save Results to e-Shelf

The e-shelf is where you can keep track of what you found in you searches. Add items to your e-shelf either by clicking the star next to the item you are interested in or clicking "Item Details" > "Actions" > "Add to e-Shelf". Once your item is added to your e-shelf the star will change from white to yellow. 

You can add things to the e-Shelf without being signed-in, but they will disappear once you exit 1Search. To keep items on your e-Shelf, sign in in the top right corner of the screen.
Access your e-shelf by clicking "e-Shelf" at the top of the page. 

Print & Email Results

For individual records, click on the Item Details tab and select the email option from the “Actions” drop down option.

When there are multiple records you want to print or send add them to your e-Shelf. 

View your e-Shelf then check the boxes for the items you want to print or email, then click email or print.

How can I make my search more specific?

1Search includes many types of resources so you will very likely need to limit your search results. Note all the facets on the left side, as well as some quick limiters at the top. Useful limiters and facets:

  • Available at OSU -- this will quickly show you the books and videos we have on the shelves in the library
  • Full Text Online -- this will limit to the articles and eBooks available

Facets on the left hand side can also help refine your search

  • Resource Type -- to limit to books, audio visual (for DVDs, CDs, etc.)

  • Library --  to limit to a particular collection or library such as Guin or Special Collections

Can I use "boolean logic"?

  • To search for a phrase, enter quotation marks around your search terms, e.g., “climate change”.
  • To search for any specified words or phrases, enter OR (all in upper case) between the words or phrases, e.g. genealogy OR lineage.
  • To exclude words or phrases, enter NOT (all in upper case) followed by the word or phrase to exclude, e.g. silver NOT gold.
  • To group terms within a search, use parentheses around the terms, e.g. Shakespeare (tragedy OR sonnet).

Can I use truncation or wildcards?

  • To perform a single-character wildcard search, enter a ? in place of the character position that has more than one possibility, e.g. wom?n to search for woman, women, etc.
  • To perform a multiple-character wildcard search, enter a * in place of the characters that have multiple possibilities, e.g. cultur* to search for culture, cultural, culturally, etc.

How do I search by ISSN or ISBN?

This option is available through the Advanced Search page in the drop-down text menu next to Search Terms.

  • You must enter ISBNs like this: 9780375847387.
  • You must enter ISSNs like this: 1523-388X.

What do the colored dots mean?

Available at - Books or other physical materials at OSU Libraries 

Full Text Available for online articles and ebooks.

Availability & Request Options  - Indicates that we do not own the item or our copy is checked out. Log in to see the requesting options.

Request this item - For books/media from Summit or other libraries. Choose the Place Summit request link. If that is not an option, choose the Request from Interlibrary Loan link. Please allow for 7-10 days for book delivery. 

Not Available Online - If you check the Include resources that require additional delivery time box in the Articles scope, you will find items we do not have but which are requestable via Interlibrary Loan. Please allow for 3-5 days for article delivery.