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Virtual Gaming

Voice and Video Chat

Voice and video chat tools help with game play and connecting with others virtually.

The list below is all free and available for a variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux or through a web browser.

Have a Suggestion?

If you have ideas for board games, card games, or RPGs we should explore adding to this guide, please complete our suggestion form.

Connect and Play

Looking to play games online?

This virtual gaming LibGuide provides a list of online board games, role playing games (RPGs), puzzles, trivia, apps, and voice/video chat resources to help you stay connected.

The goal of our guide is to list virtual games that are free to play, although some have expansions with a cost or in-app purchases.

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Valley Library Game Collection

View the complete Valley Library Board Game Collection list online at

OSU Community Gaming

  • OSU's Community Engagement and Leadership
    • Board game, video game, and puzzle events paired with Zoom are regularly scheduled.
    • Check out their Facebook page for updates at​
      Orange circular Facebook logo with black F.
  • OSU Gaming Club
    • Student club focused on a variety of gaming, including PC, console, and tabletop.
    • Connect through their Discord server at
      Yellow discord robot icon.
  • OSU Recreational Sports: Dixon Recreation Center
    • Offering a wide variety of online intramural sports including trivia, Fortnite, pool, FIFA, chess, League of Legends, Madden, Mario Kart, Risk, Scrabble, and more!
    • This is paired with Zoom and a variety of additional platforms.
    • Learn more on their Virtual Intramurals page at​
      Black circular icon with beaver in center reading “Oregon State University, Intramural Sports” around the edge.