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Virtual Gaming

Connect and Play

Looking to play games online?

This virtual gaming LibGuide provides a list of online board games, role playing games (RPGs), puzzles, trivia, apps, and voice/video chat resources to help you stay connected.

The goal of our guide is to list virtual games that are free to play, although some have expansions with a cost or in-app purchases.

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Valley Library Game Collection

View the complete Valley Library Board Game Collection list online at

OSU Community Gaming

  • OSU's Community Engagement and Leadership
    • Board game, video game, and puzzle events paired with Zoom are regularly scheduled.
    • Check out their Facebook page for updates at​
      Orange circular Facebook logo with black F.
  • OSU Gaming Club
    • Student club focused on a variety of gaming, including PC, console, and tabletop.
    • Connect through their Discord server at
      Yellow discord robot icon.
  • OSU Recreational Sports: Dixon Recreation Center
    • Offering a wide variety of online intramural sports including trivia, Fortnite, pool, FIFA, chess, League of Legends, Madden, Mario Kart, Risk, Scrabble, and more!
    • This is paired with Zoom and a variety of additional platforms.
    • Learn more on their Virtual Intramurals page at​
      Black circular icon with beaver in center reading “Oregon State University, Intramural Sports” around the edge.