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Virtual Gaming

Live and Ready-to-Play Trivia


Logo image featuring an orange circle on a stand, similar to a globe, with the word "sporcle" underneath in orange lettering.

  • A website offering a large variety of trivia games for individual play, multiplayer games, and live hosted games. This website offers already existing games, customizable games, and the ability to become a host for live trivia games. 

Live Virtual Trivia: Untapped

Screenshot of virtual trivia event page with text reading "Virtual Trivia Wednesdays 7-9pm" and an image of a person's outline from the shoulders up, in white. This is featured against a blue background.

  • Sign up you and your team for live Zoom trivia games every Wednesday from 7-9 pm hosted by Untapped out of Portland. Prizes are offered for the 3 winning teams! 

Stumptown Trivia

Stumptown logo featuring a black banner design with the words "Stumptown trivia" in large white letters.

  • Join Oregon-based Graham and other hosts for live trivia on Facebook featuring pop culture focused themes! Play with friends, family, and people all over the world who tune in for each event. 

Make Your Own Trivia Games


  • Play a variety of existing trivia games or create your own for free for up to 10 players (purchase for more players). Play millions of games by sending your friends the link and playing over video calls.   


  • Create and play free, highly interactive and customizable, engagement experiences including live trivia games! Share on multiple digital platforms so all your friends and family can join the fun. 


  • Make your own virtual game of Jeopardy with your family and friends. Open up video conferencing, set up the game, share your screen and see who has the most knowledge!