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STEM Leaders Workshop

A library guide to support students in the OSU STEM leaders program.


This guide has been created for the STEM Leaders library instruction session. Please watch the Web of Science Introduction video. Jot down one question or something new you learned from the video to share in class. If you have time, watch the library tour to learn more about the building and the resources available to you!

Search with Web of Science

Watch the Intro to Web of Science video below to learn how to:

  • interpret the search results display and how you can change the results order
  • narrow your search and see patterns in your Web of Science search results
  • connect to other articles
  • graphically view your search results
  • access the full-text of an article. 

Note - use the chapter menu (three lines in the upper left corner of the video) to jump to different topics.

Click image below to view video.

web of science in oregon state university

Practice Recommendations:

  • Enter your own search in Web of Science
  • Look at the narrowing options
  • Look at the sorting options
  • Make a graph of your search results
  • Open the full-text of an article

Virtual Library Tour

This video shows a tour throughout the Valley Library building. Not all of these spaces and services will be available during COVID, depending on university policy and local conditions. Please check the library website to find out what is currently available. You can navigate between tours of each floor by using the chapter menu in the top left corner of the video player.