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STEM Leaders Workshop

A library guide to support students in the OSU STEM leaders program.


If you have enough access points, you can usually find the article quickly. But what if that doesn't happen? 

  1. Combine access points.  For example, add the author's last name to the article title.
  2. Double-check your access points. For example, "Bob Smith" might publish as "Robert Smith." 
  3. Use Google to gather more information.  If the article you have doesn't have enough information, Google what you do have before going to Google Scholar or a library database.
  4. In library databases, use available tools to limit your search to articles from peer-reviewed publications.

option to limit search results to scholarly, peer reviewed journals

  1. Use  Advanced Search tools  (available in most databases and search engines) to specify a journal, a date, or an author.