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Research Posters and Presentations

Tips and Resources for creating a research poster.

What to Wear

  • Attire for Research Posters and Presentations is typically business casual. 
  • Keep in mind you want to present yourself as a professional.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet for a long period. 

What to Say

For Poster Presenters
You should prepare a 1-2 minute lightning talk about your research. This should be a unique experience or insight you had about your research that adds depth of understanding to what the attendee can read on your poster. Carefully consider the audience for your poster session. Your talk should be in layman's language - don't assume that your audience will understand the jargon in your discipline. You should also prepare to answer questions about your research.

For Oral Presenters
Please see the Oral Presentations section of this guide for what to say.  

Business Cards

  • Remember to bring your business cards to your Research Poster or Presentation Session! 
  • This will help you network and connect with those interested in your poster.  
  • It may help to write yourself a note about the conversation you had with particular people on the business cards they give you- this will help you keep track of the people you meet.