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Oregon Multicultural Archives: About the OMA

About the OMA


About Archivists

Archivists are the professionals who specialize in archives management. Archives are records of the human experience that may include textual documents, photographs, video and sound recordings, and increasingly, digital records. Archivists are educated and trained to collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to these important materials so that we can develop a more complete historical record. Through archival materials, we can explore and learn from the past as we work toward creating a more inclusive and socially just future.

About the OMA

In 2005, the Oregon State University Libraries (OSUL) established the Oregon Multicultural Archives (OMA) to highlight multicultural collections already held in the OSUL Archives, to serve as a digital resource linking researchers to other institutions or organizations with multicultural archival collections, and to build an archive with records that document African American, Asian American, Latino/a and Native American communities to reflect how they have contributed to the identity of the state of Oregon.

The mission of the OMA is to assist in preserving the histories and sharing the stories that document Oregon's African American, Asian American, Latino/a, and Native American communities.

The Oregon Multicultural Archives advances scholarship in ethnic studies and racial diversity both on the Oregon State University campus as well as on a state and regional level. The OMA helps to strengthens the university’s core value of diversity, which enhances OSU's "teaching, scholarship, and service as well as our ability to welcome, respect, and interact with other people" (OSU Strategic Plan).

Be sure to visit the OMA Blog for up-to-date information regarding current projects, new collections, recently digitized materials, and much more!

Contact Information

Natalia Fernández, Associate Professor, Curator of the Oregon Multicultural Archives and OSU Queer Archives Oregon State University

Pronouns (she/her/hers)

OSU Libraries and Press: Special Collections and Archives Research Center


Location Information

The OMA is located in Corvallis, Oregon, and is a part of the Oregon State University Libraries - Special Collections & Archives Research Center, located on the 5th floor of The Valley Library. The physical collections are housed in SCARC and are open to the public; however, they are intellectually separate from other SCARC collections and can be accessed through this website.

Due to COVID-19, we are closed to the public. Please see the SCARC COVID-19 information website for more information.

Mailing and Shipping Address:

Oregon Multicultural Archives
121 Valley Library
Corvallis, OR 97331