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GRAD 514: Introduction to Graduate Writing (Ecampus)

This guide supports GRAD 514: Introduction to Graduate Writing

Welcome to GRAD 514

Successful academic writing requires identifying different positions within your discipline and contributing to the conversation. Participation requires knowing what the other participants are talking about. Although the specifics are different across disciplines, this guide outlines several techniques and resources that will help focus your search.

Course Texts

Citation Management Software

As you research, you will want to keep track of all the information you are finding. One way to do this is to use a citation management program like Zotero or EndNote. Citation management programs let you store, retrieve and organize your citations. There are a couple of free programs you may wish to try out before committing to an expensive software purchase:

Additional Resources

The Graduate School

  • Graduate Writing Center
    The Graduate Writing Center is open for appointments from week two of each term through finals week.

Writing & Research Guides

Citation Builders