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FST 385: Communicating Food and Fermentation Science

Library guide to help with the literature review and managing sources for Food Science & Technology 385.

Recitation Topics - Suggested Search Tools

This guide is designed to help you find scholarly articles on your recitation topic.

Start by using one of the broad search tools listed on below: 1Search, Google Scholar, or Web of Science.

Learn more about 1Search and Web of Science on the next two tabs.

Next try one of the more subject-specific search tools suggested below your recitation topic.

Start Broadly - 1Search

Find books, online scholarly articles or newspaper articles that OSU subscribes to.  If you need to find specific items, such as books by a particular author, use the advanced search option for more precise searching. Access 1Search from the library's home page.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar

You do allow embedded content.

A simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.

Find out how to set your preferences in Google Scholar, so you can use OSU Libraries subscriptions to get free access to content that is not free on the web:

How to use Google Scholar (without Paying for the Articles)

Web of Science

Web of Science is one of the most popular databases for scientific researchers. Find scholarly articles from a wide range of science fields.

Explore the connections between articles with quick links to citation information.

Role of Senses in Ingestive Behavior

Tips: Remember to search broadly using 1Search, Google Scholar, or Web of Science first. Then narrow down with these databases. Ingestive behavior and sensory science involves metabolic, physiological, and psychological processes. Medline and PubMed provide scholarly articles on metabolism and physiology, and the Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection and PsycInfo provide scholarly articles on psychology (including the physiological aspects) and cognitive and behavioral sciences. 

Flavor Science of Foods

Tips: FSTA has a scientific or technical focus; Academic Search Premier includes both scientific articles as well as popular sources that can represent the consumer viewpoint. In either of the databases, start with a few broad keywords, but then add in more keywords or use the narrowing options on the sides of the search results pages to clarify your results. You will likely need to use more than one database to find sources.

Note - SciFinder Scholar is free for you to use as an OSU student, but you have to set up an account.

Beverages and human health

Tips: Medline has scholarly sources of the impact of alcohol on the physiological aspects of alcohol consumption (e.g., effects on the liver or circulation). PsycInfo has scholarly sources about the impact of alcohol on the psychological aspects of alcohol consumption (e.g., cognitive functioning, changes in behavior).