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FES 522: Research Methods in Social Science (Tynon)

Using This Guide for Your Assignment

Use the tabs on this guide to help you address the three parts of your assignment on "Theory, Research Questions and the Library."   These will provide suggestions for:

  1. Locating 12 journals that regularly include articles on social sciences and natural resources
    • Using subject databases
    • Using 1Search
  2. Using the Web of Science to find an article which has cited the article you have been assigned to read (Westover, 1985).
  3. Locating M.S. and Ph.D manuscripts related to some aspect of social sciences, using ScholarsArchive@OSU's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Collection.

Top Four Databases for Finding Journals (and Research Articles)

Search with Google Scholar

Google Scholar

You do allow embedded content.

A simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.

Find out how to set your preferences in Google Scholar, so you can use OSU Libraries subscriptions to get free access to content that is not free on the web:

How to use Google Scholar (without Paying for the Articles)

More Subject Database Options

Here are some more databases to use to find research in the social sciences as it relates to specific topics related to the environment and natural resources.