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Graduate Students' Visualize Your Bibliography Competition

This page includes three examples of possible submissions for the Visualize Your Bibliography competition. These samples are not meant to prescribe what you do for your submission. There are many other possible submission types, and you should not simply imitate any of the following examples. Rather, these examples are meant to illustrate what a submission might look like and to show the range of possibilities. Remember to think outside the box! Creative or unexpected submissions are welcomed.

Erasure Poems

Below are pictures of 20 erasure poems, or poems made by extracting individual words/phrases from a larger text and stringing them together to create a poem. Each of the erasures comes from the first page of a source used in an English literature master's thesis. Both individually and as a series, the erasure poems can demonstrate how a writer draws upon the ideas and writings of others to create something new. 

Book Dominoes

The following video was created using more than 30 books from a history thesis as dominoes, arranged in various patterns. In addition to visually showcasing the graduate student's bibliography, this submission also symbolically demonstrates how research can lead down different paths, with one source leading to another as ideas interconnect to create the final project.

Digital Timeline

This timeline showcases 20 sources from a chemistry dissertation arranged by their publication date, revealing some interesting trends surrounding the publication of important texts on the subject. Each text on the timeline also includes the author, journal of publication (if applicable), and a photo of the text's cover or its first page.

If this were a completed submission, each point on the timeline would also include a brief annotation describing the main idea of the text and stating how the student plans to use the text in their thesis or dissertation. However, for time's sake, we've only completed the annotations on four of the texts. For a more detailed example, view the timeline and click on Comptes Rendus (1898), The Elements Beyond Uranium (1990), "Energy Dependence of Plutonium Fission-Product Yields" (2014), and "Total kinetic energy release in the fast neutron induced fission of 235U" (2018).