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BA 223 Principles of Marketing

Resources to support students taking BA 223.

Demographic Tools

To construct a successful business or marketing plan, it is important to know your audience. Demographic tools are a good way to discover something about the people and the communities you plan to market to.

Here are some online tools (freely available) to get you started.


US Census - is the primary Census website for disseminating data. It is designed to be a centralized platform for users to browse data, build custom tables, explore city profiles, and create data visualizations. In addition to the 2020 Census, data from the American Community Survey and the Current Population Survey are included on the website. A LibGuide for how to use the Census website can be found at


Oregon Explorer: Rural Communities - Information compiled and updated here at OSU. It pulls together information from a variety of sources about Oregon communities that can't be found anywhere else.