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H 513: Integrated Approach to Public Health

AMA Citation Basics

AMA style has the following basic requirements for reference lists:

  • Within the body of the text, references should be numbered consecutively with superscript arabic numerals
  • At the end of the document, references should be listed in numerical order
  • Two references should not be combined under a single reference number
  • Abbreviate names of journals to the format listed in the NLM catalog (search for the journal by title to get the abbreviation)
  • For 1-6 authors, list each author; for 7 or more authors, list the first 3 followed by “et al.” (without the quotation marks)

AMA Journal Article Citation: What Info Do I Need?

The basic format for a journal article found online and formatted in AMA style is as follows (pay attention to capitalization in the article and journal titles and to where italics appear). As noted in the APA Style Basics module the left, the abbreviations for journal titles can be found using the NLM catalog (enter the full journal title to get the record with the abbreviation).

Reference Number. Author A, Author BB. Title of article. Abbreviated Version of Journal Title. Year of publication; volumber number(issue number if available):page range. doi (or use the URL where article available and the access date).


Example Citation:

citation in ama style







AMA Website Citation: What Info Do I Need?

The basic format for a website citation includes the name(s) of the individual or organizational author(s), the name of of the webpage, the name of the entire website, the full date of the page (if available), the webage URL and the date you looked at it.

Reference Number. Author A or Organization Author. Name of the specific webpage. Name of the Entire Website. URL. Published date (if available). Accessed date.

Example Citation

webpage citation in ama style