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ScholarsArchive@OSU User Guide

This guide helps ScholarsArchive users deposit and manage their content.

Navigating the Review Process

Once your work has been deposited in ScholarsArchive@OSU, it enters the review process.

You will receive a notification (via email and in your ScholarsArchive account) stating that your document is under review. You will receive notifications if changes are required.

Making changes requires several steps.

Make Changes to your File

​If you need to upload a new version of your file:

1. Login to ScholarsArchive@OSU and go to your item's page. You can access it via the link in your notification email or from your ScholarsArchive account. *NOTE* If you are not logged in, you may see an error message that you cannot access the item. In that case, log in, then try the link again.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the file you want to change. To the right of that file, under Actions, select Versions. *NOTE* If you do not see Versions, you are on your Works page. Click the title of your paper to get to the Item page.










  1. Click Choose New Version File and choose the new file you want to upload.
  2. Click Upload New Version.
  3. Find the title of your work in the gray bar above the file name title. Click it to go back to your item's page.
  4. Under the title of your work, click on the gold bar that says Review and Approval (see image below) to open the panel.
  5. Depending on your type of work, choose Restart Review Process or Request Review and add any comments you have for the reviewers.
  6. Select Submit. This places your work back in the review queue.














Questions about the review process? Contact us here or email