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Altmetrics: Measure Research Impact: Altmetrics Workshops and Services

Alternative metrics of research impact using web resources

Altmetrics Service in ScholarsArchive@OSU

ScholarsArchive@OSU, the institutional repository of Oregon State Universtiory, incorporates Altmetrics data from a third-party provider called This new feature is implmented as a service for increasing visibility of OSU researches and promopting open access. 

In the snapshot of ScholarsArchive@OSU above, the Altmetrics data is embedded under the "Statistics" pane where highlighted with a red circle. The user will see pop-up window with a list of altmetrics sources with counts accumlated by the article when hovering mouse over the area or be redirected to the item page of (shown below) with full details after clicks the "Am" thumbnail.

Currently, for articles deposited into ScholarsArchive@OSU, Altmetrics data is only visible when they meet the following two conditions:

  1. it has a DOI (digital object identifier).
  2. it has already accumlated at least one count from one of the almetrics sources.

Altmetrics workshop offered by OSU libraries

OSU Libraries offer workshop on Altmetrics in the "Workshop for Graduate Students and Faculty" series in every other academic term. For departments or research labs that prefer to have targeted training sessions, please contact the library primary contact of your organization or email directly.