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Altmetrics: Measure Research Impact: Altmetrics in Promotion and Tenure

Alternative metrics of research impact using web resources

Adding all the Important Contexts of Your Impacts

  • Not just list altmetrics number, it is rather imporant to add contextual information that makes them relevant. For instance, revise this raw count:

Citations: 4 / Twitter mentions: 21 / Mendeley bookmarks: 91 / Blog mentions: 12

into something meaningful in relative to other works:

Citations: 4 - listed in the Xth percentile of Biology research published in 2015 on Impactstory.

Other impact metrics: listed on as being in the Yth percentile of papers published in Journal name and the Zth percentile of papers published in 2015.

International impact: this paper has been mentioned, bookmarked, or viewed in at least xx countries, according to Impactstory.

  • Altmetrics also enable an researcher adding "stories" to his/her CVs, for example:

Paper covered by more than 100 medias worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Recommended on xx research blogs, putting it in the Xth percentile of Physics publications published in 2015. Was described as "a breakthrough study" by Harvard professor John the Professor.