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Veterinary Medicine Alumni Information Resources: Locating Articles

This guide provides advice on accessing relevant information for alumni of OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine.

Specialized Vet Med Resources

For veterinary medicine, these are useful.

  • Agricola (National Agricultural Library) provides citations to a wide variety of articles, reports, conference proceedings and more.
  • PubMed/MedLine (National Library of Medicine) focuses on the medical literature including animals and links to full text when openly accessible.
  • Consultant is a diagnostic support tool for veterinary medicine from Cornell. 
  • BestBETSforVets comes from the University of Nottingham and is an easy to use tool for exploring best practices/evidence reviews.
  • VetsReview, also from the University of Nottinghham, is a databses of evidence reviews.  It provides the citations, but linking to the full text is limited.

While we cannot offer access to our databases to OSU alumni off-campus, some besides those listed above make their content available for free, although the articles themselves may not be available for free.  Here is a link to more information and a list of subject specific online databases you can use.

General Databases

While you won't have access to the OSU databases off campus, there are many free sources you can use to find books and articles on a topic. Below are some sources you can use to find books and articles on a variety of topics.

WorldCat - a database of books and articles held by libraries around the United States and some international libraries. Search Worldcat to find out what's been published in your area and request the items through your public library's interlibrary loan service.

Google Scholar - A subset of Google that searches for more scholarly materials such as articles and books. Some articles may be available online for free but others you will need to request through your public library's interlibrary loan service.

Online Journals

Many journals will allow you to search their table of contents for free. In some cases some of the articles may be available online for free. Search for the name of the journal to see if the table of content is available.

Another good source for journal articles is the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). These journals are free and offer full-text articles.

JURN directoy offers access to journals that have free or mostly free content in the arts and humanities. Scientific also has fulll text journals in all disciplines.

PubMed Central is a great source for articles in medicine and related fields. Another option is Free Medical Journals.

For the scientists, you can use CERN for physics and ABC Chemistry.

Access to Databases

Licensing agreements restrict the off-campus use of online databases to OSU faculty, staff and students. You can, however, use the databases in the library.

Your local public library will also have access to many online databases. Once you have a local library card, you can access these databases from home.