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MB 385: Emerging Infectious Diseases and Epidemics

This is a course page designed to help OSU students in the MB 385 Emerging & Infectious Diseases class.

Tagging in Zotero Libraries

1.  The tags tab on the right-hand pane allows you to add in tags that can help you search and organize the items in your collections.  Simply click "add" to attach new tags, such as "must read."

Tags tab

2. To tag multiple items at the same time, simply drag and drop them onto a pre-existing tag in the lower left-hand pane.

Add items to a tag

Create Notes in Zotero

1. To begin taking notes in Zotero, choose the item within your library that you want a note associated with by clicking on it in the center pane.  Next, go to the right-hand pane and click the "notes" tab, then click "add."

Adding notes

2.  Simply begin typing in the text editor that opens up.  Your note will be automatically saved as an attachment beneath the item (article, book, etc...) as you are typing.  Note:  you can edit the note in a separate window.  Doing so provides you with more flexibility while taking notes.

Automatically save notes

Create Zotero Reports

To create an HTML-based report that you can save and print or email, right click on either the folder you want to share or on individual items.  Choose Generate Report from Collection (or Items). 

Generate Report

An HTML page will appear in your browser.  To save the page, either hold down the Control and S keys (Command and S if you are using a Mac) or right click on the page and choose Save Page As...(in order to save it to your desktop or some other location on your computer).  To print the page from within the browser, either hold down the Control and P keys or go to the browser menu in the upper left-hand corner of the browser screen and choose Print.

Save report


Add the Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal Citation Style

Zotero comes pre-loaded with 16 citation styles, including APA, Chicago, Harvard, and MLA.  However, many people need to work with citation styles that are specific to a particular journal.  To access more citation styles in Zotero, Google  Zotero style repository (or click on this link).

This will open a website listing all of the styles Zotero currently has available.  Search for the style you want  – by directly searching for the name of a style you want; or by searching for the format the style is written in, for example, author-date format; or by disciplinary field. 

You can double check to see if this is the style you had in mind by hovering over the title to see examples of books, articles and more cited in this style. 

To install a style, click the link for the name of the style.  The style will now be added to your list of styles, both in the style manager window and in Word.