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This is a general guide for students and faculty interested in locating information related to Zoology using library resources. It is also intended as an aide for students enrolled in zoology courses and for the interested novice using the library .

EurekAlert! Biology

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Animal & Plant News Science Daily

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Nature Videos Biology

Nature, the international weekly journal of science, has a collection of videos.  For selected articles and letters Nature will present streaming videos that feature interviews with scientists behind the research and analysis from Nature editors.  These videos include:

Genome of the Duck-billed Platypus

Whale Evolution

Jaws II (the moray eel)

Deep Southern Ocean Diversity

More videos are available on the Nature website.

Classification and Taxonomy Websites

UCMP Hall of Mammals-An extensive online taxonomy of mammals hosted by University of California, Berkeley

Taxonomy Browser at NBII

World Biodiversity Database-Continuously growing taxonomic database