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*Environmental & Molecular Toxicology

A library guide for the faculty and students of the department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology at Oregon State University.

Linking NCBI to OSU Libraries Journal Subscriptions

To access journal articles via PubMed that require a subscription, you have two options.

1. Go to the OSU Libraries databases page and search for PubMed. Select the PubMed database from the following page. 

Search for PubMed on the OSU Libraries Databases page

When you find an article in PubMed, use the Find it @ OSU button to connect to our journal subscriptions. Or to connect to interlibrary loan if we don't have a subscription.

Find it @ OSU button to connect to journal subscriptions

2. Or if you prefer to go directly to the PubMed site without logging in through the OSU Libraries website, first set up an NCBI account. Then click on your user name in the upper right-hand corner of any NCBI webpage. Add Oregon State University as a partner organization under "linked accounts." Follow the instructions on the NCBI website for a step-by-step overview. Note that you can use the Google account option to login with your OSU google email.

Add a partner organization in PubMed

When you find an article in PubMed via this route, click on the publisher's full-text button.

Full text from the publisher

OSU Libraries will automatically add in the proxy information so that you are able to connect to the full-text of articles the library subscribes to.

OSU Libraries proxy info added