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Ebooks at OSU Libraries

Ebook resources at Oregon State University Libraries.

Locating EBSCO Ebooks

Click the link below to view all of the EBSCO Ebooks available at OSU.

Reading EBSCO Ebooks

Click an ebook's title or cover to access the book's record.

Record view of an ebook

Click "PDF Full Text" or "EPUB Full Text" link to view the ebook in your browser. Access the table of contents from the left navigation window. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the arrows onscreen to turn the page.

Browser view of an ebook

Ebooks are also fully searchable by entering search terms into the "Search within" tab at the top of the left navigation window.

Downloading EBSCO Ebooks

EBSCO Ebooks have individual licenses governing how you can use them. The license is located at the bottom of the ebook's record.

The example below doesn't allow you to print, e-mail, or save any of its pages. You are only able to read it online through the EBSCO EBooks interface. Moreover, only one person at a time can access the ebook.

A book record that doesn't allow any print, e-mail

On the other hand, the following book allows users to print, e-mail, or download as many pages as they like. As many people as necessary can access it at the same time.

This book record shows unlimited access

If a book is downloadable, click the "PDF Full Text" link in its record.  From there, click "Save Pages" in the top navigation bar. You can also download individual chapters by clicking the blue download links in the left navigation window.

The in-browser view of an EBSCO ebook

Search for Ebooks

Use 1Search to find books, scholarly articles, newspaper articles and books held at other Pacific Northwest libraries (Summit).