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This is a general guide for the Faculty, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, and Staff in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University.

Find books using the library catalog:

Start with 1Search to search for books, articles, and other resources owned or licensed by our library and others from across the Pacific Northwest. Here are some tips:

Keyword searching

Use the keyword search feature to start.

You can search:

  • individual words, separately (ie logging)
  • multiple words anywhere in the catalog record (logging aerial)
  • phrases ("log transportation")
  • word stems where you might want to search a variety of words at once (fisher* -- which will result in records that contain the words fisheries, fishery, but not fishing, fishes or fish)
  • Other features are available such as limiting by year published, media type, etc.

Look closely at the item records for the results you are getting.  Be sure to look at the subject headings.

Subject heading searches

You may find this feature useful once you have explored your topic and have found how your topic is described by others.  This will help you navigate the catalogs a little easier.  For example, in one the records for my searches on aerial logging, I found these subject headings:

  • Helicopters.
  • Lumbering -- Machinery.
  • Logging, Aerial. 
If I click on these headings from the catalog record, I will find additional titles described with the same subject headings.


Government Publishers of Note

Much of the information about forestry is published by government agencies both in the US and Canada -- these are most often in the public domain (so freely availablle.  The links below are to catalogs within these agencies.

Browse for books by call numbers in Forestry:

The library collection is arranged by call numbers which allow browsing by subject -- so if you find a book of interest, very likely the books on either side will be on the same subject.  Most of the Valley Library's forestry collection is located on the 1st floor in the SD's. 

 Here is how the call numbers relate to Forests and Forestry




 History of forestry, Forest Conditions


 Forestry Education

SD 388-SD389

 Forest Machinery and Engineering, Forest  roads


 Forest Soils, Forest Meteorology, Forest Microclimatology

SD 391-SD410



Conservation and protection

SD 430-SD559

Exploitation and utilization

SD561-SD669.5 Administration. Policy

Economic History - Agriculture & Industries







TS 880-TS939

Wood Science

IUFRO Proceedings

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) holds its World Congress every 3 years -- the library's collection of these begins with the 9th in 1936.  However many subsequent volumes have been assigned different call numbers.  The easiest way to locate these is to do an author search on: "IUFRO Congress".