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Demographics: Data and Statistics

US Cencus Bureau Fact Finder

American Fact Finder

The U.S. Census Bureau is the primary resource for U.S. demographic data (United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas), and the primary tool for accessing it is American FactFinder. It is fairly easy to use, and convenient since it includes data from several censuses and surveys including:

  • The American Community Survey
  • The American Housing Survey
  • three Annual Economic Surveys
    • Annual Survey of Manufactures  
    • Business Patterns  
    • Nonemployer Statistics  
  • The Decennial Census (every 10 years) (age, sex, race, housing units and more)
  • The Economic Census (every 5 years)
  • The Population Estimates Program

Find a table, file or document in AFF, or create your own by choosing from topics, geographies, race and ethnic groups, industry codes, or occupational codes. It allows you to download data in Excel or cvs format so you can manipulate it for yourself, or you may choose to display it as a table, chart, or map using their software. 

You may prefer to do your demographics research on the Census website itself. It allows you to approach data in a variety of ways (check out the QUICKFACTS box to pull fast information about a specific location) and for expert users to download datasets by survey or topic. It is an easy address to remember:


Other data and resources