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*Botany and Plant Pathology

A subject research guide for the students and faculty of the OSU Botany & Plant Pathology Department.

Free Databases

 Index of Botanical Publications --- Harvard University

"For the purpose of verifying publication names in the Specimen Database and the Gray Index, the Herbaria maintains an index of botanical publications. It is a unique compendium of bibliographic references for both books and journals, dependent primarily on the standard print sources for botanical literature."

Fungal Databases

This database provides access to several fungus related databases.

Arabidopsis Research

Arabidopsis Information Portal, (AIP),

  • This project started in 2013/2014, and already has TAIR-like (The Arabidopsis Information Resource) functionality.  This international project is funded by the NSF (in the US), and is intended to a rich source of information.

Salk Institute Genomic Analysis Laboratory, (SIGnAL),

  • Provides specialized tools and data.  Especially useful for locating mutants or insertion lines.


  • A comparative resource for plant research.

Ensembl Plants,

  • European database and tool that collaborates with Gramene (and probably AIP).

The Bio-analytic Resource for Plant Biology, (BAR),

  • A collection of tools designed for Arabidopsis research that actively collaborates with AIP.

FDA Poisonous Plant Database

This database contains references to the scientific literature describing studies of the toxic properties and effects of plants and plant parts.

International Plant Name Index

A database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of seed plants, ferns and fern allies. Its goal is to eliminate the need for repeated reference to primary sources for basic bibliographic information about plant names.


"A project on development of structured common set of plant anatomy and growth stage vocabularies for use in Genomics data sets, gene and phenotype annotations. The project also provides standard protocols and the database for ontology based annotations."

Gramene database

"It is a comparative plant genomics platform and a Systems Biology database. This is the first such database that allows researchers to carryout in-silico investigation using either the forward or reverse genetics' approaches to find the genes, proteins, phenotypes, function, expression, gene-gene interaction, metabolic pathways and polymorphic markers in the region of interest. It also allows researchers to make comparisons across genetic maps, genomes and gene orthologs."

The Biota of North America Project

An online version of the Synthesis of the North American Flora, this website includes local plant distributions, a polyclave or computer key to the families, and a plant image database.  The online version allows users to create plant lists of North American Plants, create an online plant set for a location, an online plant list for attribute keying, and research distributions, attributes, and images.