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BA 350: The Business of Sports

A guide listing resources that will be useful for BA 350 projects

Business and Industry Information

Google Tips & Tricks

If you are using Google to find information for the project, there are ways to tailor your search to get more relevant results. Some include:

  • Using quotation marks to search exact phrases. See what the difference is when you search for sports sponsorships compared to "sports sponsorships" in Google.
  • Using Google's site search feature if you want to see what specific websites, like the New York Times, have about your topic. To site search, type in your search term and at the end add "site:" and the site you want to search. An example search would be: "sports sponsorships"
  • Experimenting with Google's advanced search feature. This gives you more control of your search, including date ranges, removing words from your search, and choosing what language you want your results to be in.