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H 225: Social and Individual Health Determinants


The guide will help you find research articles and data sets that can be used to complete your H225 research assignments.

Suggested Database for H 225

Using subject databases helps you weed out articles that don't really relate to your topic.

Begin Your Medline Search

Begin by entering keywords or phrases that capture the primary concepts of your topic or research question into the Medline search boxes. Combine your terms with AND  or OR (see module on this page) to narrow or expand your results set.

keywords for Medline search

Scholarly Research Article vs. News Article

Below are examples for two articles related to e-cigarettes. One is a scholarly, peer-reviewed research article and the other is a news article.

  • E-cigarettes are “gateway devices” for smoking among young people, say researchers (news article) NOTE: access this article from campus or using the VPN when off-campus
    • News articles - written for a non-scholarly audience - can summarize research articles and usually include some information about the original, scholarly research articles. The author of the news article may identify one (or more) of these components of the original article:
      • author(s) of the original research article
      • journal in which the original research was published
      • year in which the the original research article was published
      • place where the original research was conducted
      • title of the original research article